DIY Coin Mechanism Programmers

DIY Coin Mechanism Programmers

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Do it yourself and save money and time.

Mektek Programmers enable service personnel to re-calibrate a wide range of over 60 models of coin mechanisms to accept new coinsets. You can also remove false coins, change outputs, change inhibits, add/remove coins or tokens, etc.  You are limited only by the features of the coin mechanism.
 Connected to a PC or laptop it is highly portable, easy to use and low cost.

Designed for use by unskilled personnel on site or in the workshop, you can program coin mechanisms in minutes to put you in full control.  

*Portable for field or workshop use.
*Factory standard programming.
*Simple and quick to use "Windows" based programme.
*Low cost.
*Programme one or thousands.
*Models for older type mechanisms of Coin Controls, MEI and NRI and early MEI Cashflow©.



New, improved Classic software is now ready to download. It makes adding multiple coins even easier when using a generic Coinset File.  Each channel can have its data reprogrammed, retained or cleared.
HERE to download for free.

The old £1coin has been withdrawn.
 Convert your mechs now with a Mektek Programmer. 

Adding new UK £1 coin into various coin mechanisms
HERE for programming instructions



Now available - use the totally revised Mounting Stand to mount your coin mechanisms in the correct orientation for optimum programming results.

Click here for details

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