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Coin mech type

Loom number

MEI CF126 series

X3 (17 pin connector in 1 row & 6way square connector).

MEI CF330 series

E10(10 way ribbon) or E20(16 way ribbon) and X3(6 pin square connector)


X4 (19 pin connector in 1 row & 6way square connector)


X3 or X4 (6way square connector only - Disconnect validator from channel)

Use loom X3 – connect both branches. Note: CF115 is a CF126 without the separator

The CF330 series may have one of six different standard interfaces fitted. Check the connectors on the interface at the bottom of the validator to help determine which one to use.  Refer to the MEI Cashflow 330 Product Maintenance Handbook for full information.

Interface 112 16 pin connector in 2 rows Loom E20 & X3   (Use X3 6way connector branch only)
Interface 124    Refer to Mektek
Interface 212 10 way ribbon connector Loom E10 & X3 (Use X3 6way connector branch only)
Interface 312    Refer to Mektek
Dual polarity 17 pin connector in 1 row Loom X3 only